The Salvation of Art: Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Artist Art Book Fundraiser

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The Art Book

With your help we want to publish another art book based on the Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Artists V exhibition. This special exhibition features multi-media, including film, photography, printmaking, papermaking, cast, clay and cardboard sculpture, painting, performance art, fiber art, mixed media, found objects and Pittsburgh relics. This exhibition is a tribute to Pittsburgh master artists, featuring works by 15 Pittsburgh artists between the ages of 45 and 90. The importance of documenting older artists is significant for the history of local art! Your donation goes directly to the expenses of the art book project. Keep in mind we want to make it available for the public by the end of the year. Also keep a look out for an upcoming documentary series on IFCI Pittsburgh Masters!


The artists

Abira Ali, painter (58),  Sue Abramson, Experimental photographer (over 60), Chuck Barr, painter (deceased at 89), Christine Bethea, mixed media artist (over 60), Biko, mixed media artist (over 60), Joan Brindle, mixed media artist & painter (over 70), Denis Childers, photographer (over 60), Katy Dement, mixed media artist (over 50), Samir Elsabee, painter (over 80), Etta Cettera  mixed media artist (age 45), Irma Freeman, painter (deceased at age 90), Ruth Freeman, collage/mixed media artist & painter (age 79),  Ryder Henry, mixed media sculptor (over 45), Annie Ladley Mahoney, painter (age 82), Ed Parish Jr., sculpture (45), Tom Sarver, performance artist & painter (over 45), Christina Springer, mixed media artist (over 55), Sandra Streiff, painter, (age 58), James Shipman, sculptor (age 64) and Bob Ziller, mixed media artist(over 50).


The Art of Chuck Barr

The Art of Chuck Barr

The Salvation of Art

Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Artists V” is a curation of works returning to its previous popular exhibition theme: Pittsburgh! The artistic aesthetics range from found objects to hyper-realistic representations of Pittsburgh, including personal Pittsburgh stories. The definition of “the Salvation of Art” can be defined as symbolic or literal, as in saving and keeping of art. These masterful artists bring expressions of unique aspects of Pittsburgh, from the point of view of current or past Pittsburgh city dwellers. Artwork featured by recently decease Pittsburgh Artist, Chuck Barr. One more reason to support these artists and to help document the importance of their art work!