Introduction to Herbal Medicine

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Introduction to Herbal Medicine

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Wednesdays: October 2, 9, 16; November 6 & 13 6:30 - 8:30 pm Instructor: Michelle Soto from Cutting Root Farm & Apothecary

We are going to look at plants! Learn how to identify wild plants in our neighborhood and talk about the medicinal qualities of plants that grow or can be grown in southwestern PA.

  • a&p- we'll cover major body systems and discuss anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology.

  • Energetics- we'll discuss constitutional diagnosis, and the hot/cold, damp/dry and constricted/moving nature of our bodies and how we can use botanical medicines to help us nudge our bodies into balance.  

  • Medicine making- we 'll try out different medicine making techniques and together we'll make tinctures, teas, salves, syrups, soaks and more.  all participants will go home with medicines to try.  

  • Self-care/ Community Care- we'll take time to center ourselves, honor our bodies and experiences and listen to ourselves and each other.  building an apothecary means thats we have resources and we'll learn about how to do use those resources responsibly.  

  • Social context- this space is rooted in anti-oppression practices, body positivity, and the practice of herbalism in a culturally appropriate way.  We will honor intersectionality (a term and movement coined by Kimberly Crenshaw) and examine the access to western healthcare and holistic healthcare that folks in Pittsburgh and the united states have.    

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