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"The Art & Zen of Chuck Barr" & Other Self-Taught Artists reception

 “The Art & Zen of Chuck Barr” & Other Self-Taught Artists presented by guest curator Pat McArdle. Opening Reception March 1, 7 - 10 pm.

The “Art & Zen” of Chuck Barr & 12 Other Self-Taught Artists.

Chuck is in his ninetieth year. He has been a musician since the 1950’s. Playing both the saxophone and flute. He has been painting and sculpting since the 1960’s. Chuck Barr is a Pittsburgher This is Chuck’s first-ever Gallery exhibition.

In the second gallery, Artists include: Robert Wright, Emory BIko, Mr. Imagination, Jury Albright, Norman Scott, "Butch Quinn", Helen Bryant, J.J. Burns, Randy Gilson (from Randyland), Inez Hess, Rocco Caniglia, Quinin Jones & Amir Rashid,.