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DarkSoft presents “Thought-Object Fusion”

"DarkSoft presents “Thought-Object Fusion”, a meditation on impermanence conveyed via compositions for voice and cello. This work features classical musicianship alongside modern improvisation, with a bend toward experimentation and storytelling. In other words, it’s my (Tara’s) voice - in all its variety - ricocheting above many layers of emphatic, responsive sound.

 Eric Weidenhof (formerly of the Pgh-based group “It It”) draws unconventional sound from the cello. I use a variety of vocal techniques to expand the arc of sound and deliver a loose, personal narration. Sometimes I tell our origin story, sometimes I curse ants. 

I am obsessed with palindromes. I am hoping that my this time my entire set will be a palindrome - and that I will find a way to do that that still allows for sporadic and unplanned moments. 

We have an electronics set up that includes several loopers and several delays - but this music does not drone. I would describe it as active and driving, though not overly loud or harsh.” -Tara Toms