Ever wonder, what IF?

In the past ten years the IF Center has spearheaded an abundance of diverse educational projects, based on such goals such as integrating do-it-yourself technology, arts programing, sustainable development, and STEAM.*  As our building bears the name of Irma Freeman, so de we celebrate Irma's visionary outlook. Working with the community, our patrons, and parents, we continue to inspire young artists toward self-discovery. By putting the tools into the hands of children, we help them succeed. Through our specialized programs, we seek to ignite children with the power of confidence, freedom, and imagination,

* STEAM, like STEM, is a highly acclaimed cross-curriculum,  that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math!


IF only you could follow your dreams...

Making something out of nothing

  • Our truly amazing camps & arts programs serve kids & adults from all walks of life. 
  • We teach and celebrate tolerance & cultural diversity
  • We thrive on the arts, creative play, production & performance
  • We collect, organize and use recycled, upcyclced, found & collected materials to create something new and spectacular

Camps, Classes & Artist Residencies

  • Experienced Artist Teachers with fantastic programs
  • Small groups, typically 6 – 12 kids in each camp or class
  • Great ratios: 6:1, campers: adults, and 3:1, campers: counselors
  • Weekly exhibitions, recitals, performances & circus antics
  • Plenty of time outside making art in our outdoor lot, or taking walks to Friendship Park 
  • Secure & safe place where kids engage with learning hands-on fun!

Collaborations & Partnerships

  • Partnering gives space to great ideas
  • Collaborations with organizations extend community opportunities
  • Partners this year: Kraynik's Bikes, GA/GI, Propel Schools, Maker Faire, the Mattress Factory, and more
  • Partnerships in the past resulted in international exhibitions
  • Collaborations galore! We can't name them all, but take a gander 

You can keep the dream alive!

By making a tax-deductible contribution, fund our arts and educational programming...Help flower something beautiful.     

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