Happy Campers

I love IF!
— Leo, 8
Acro yoga helped me find something. I was really good at it and had to work hard to realize that. This week had been the most fun week of my life.
— Lily, camper
A great camp leads to great friends and even stronger friendships.
— Maderia, camper
Camp is awesome!
— Camper
You can learn new things & make new friends & have fun.
— Bella, camper
I love the IF!
— Jamie, camper
The thing I liked about acro yoga is flying because I got a new view of things.
— Elizabeth, camper
I liked performing with my friends and it inspired me to have more friends.
— Rocio, camper
I like making new friends. I like how they care for me and the way they make me feel safe. I like the way my teacher helps me.
— Kaeli, camper
Ms. Samantha helped me, Sophia, and Rocio do dragon and she was the best teacher. Ms. Lisa helped me realize that I can be a great dancer.
— Hannah, camper
I love doing Acrobatics!
— Stella, camper
Sheila & her team of amazing teachers offer kids a wonderful camp experience! My kids came her everyday from camp talking about all the activities they participated in. From acro yoga, games, art & making. The Irma Freeman Center is truly a gift to the community!
— Chelida Keller, parent - Tristan & Kali, campers
I love the IFC because I get to use my imagination and creativity to make cool things!
— Waverly C., camper
Thank you IFC: Sheila, Lisa, Samantha and all the volunteers! My daughters loved the camp and the instructors! Please continue to offer a variety of “special & unique” experiences and camp subjects for our community’s children.
— Parent
The camp format & drop-off time, morning & afternoon sessions, and generous grants; have helped ease the burden of finding a safe/affordable option for young children while we work during the Summer break from school. This single father of three thanks you!
— Hunter L. Howell II, father of Hanna & Sophia, campers
The camp is awesome and it was great!
— Camper
I love this place. I love it so much, we’re planning on having another baby just so that when they grow up we can send baby Julio here! Thank You
— Byran, camper
It’s my thirrd year. Creative, great programs, new friends!!
— Craig, camper
My daughter’s has been coming to the I.F. camps for the last 6 years. She always has a blast!
— Parent
Thanks for creating such an interesting, unique, and creative environment. You make a difference to the kids of this community.
— Claudia, Luna & Checin's mom
I like learning acro yoga, it give me something to remember and practice. And I am excited for the fashion show. Fashion is sort of a creative sense of style. That’s why I like it.
— Camper
My grandchildren and nephews and neices love summer camp. They learn a lot of things. I like the yoga. My children talk about it all the time. Thank for being in our community for the children and lots of new friends.
— Ruth Writght, Parent
My child enjoyed her time so much at this camp. She learned about fashion, acro yoga, but most important about being a part of the community.
— Mellisa Osborn, Parent
They make everyone feel good about themselves.
— Xo, camper
I can alway learn something from this camp.
— Camper
We get to go to a park everyday. Everybody is so funny.
— Oliver
We feel so fortunate to have the Irma Freeman Center as part of our summers. The programming is incredibly creative, engaging and inclusive. My kids learned so much from the kind and committed staff members and couldn’t wait to go back everyday. IFC is a wonderful resource for the community that encourages children to learn and express themelseves freely
— Jamie Miller, Charles & James' mom
It is so rare that a summer camp actually teaches kids something they will use their entire lives. Irma Freeman-Kraynick’s Bike Camp has give my kids life-long bike maintenance and safety skills. Thanks for an awesome week!
— Aggie Aderhold, mom of Viola and Felix
I love this camp. It is great.
— James, 8
Bike repair camp at the irma Freeman Foundation is always a great experience. My son love the camp and loves his modified bike more than expensive ones. He’s very proud of his work and knowledge for bike repair. Great program!
— Christina Iezzi, parent
I like learning how to fix the bikes so that I can work on mine at home.
— Camper
I love the music camp!!
— Jsselynn, 10
Trash to Treasure Island is the best camp ever!
— Camper
Camp was fun! I like it so much! We made a volcano and we made a pirate Island. We had lots and lots of fun!!
— Xenia, 7
I loved Trash to Treasure Island!!! It was soooooooo fun, I like how we got to be creative with our islands! I loved pirate camp so much because we go to learn cools songs and dances!!!
— Isy, camper
I likes how Trash to Treasure Island let you be creative with your mind!!!!!
— Leo, 8
My favorite part was the exploding volcano!
— Milo, 7
I liked the miniatures club and calligraphy and Kung Fu. I liked lunch too! Thank you.
— Joyce, camper
My favorite thing at camp was doing the miniature houses.
— Madison, camper
I like how we learn unique and advanced stuff, and get treats, and showing our work.
— Amina, camper
This camp was fun and creative. I met so many new people and learned many new things! It was so fun!
— Zoe & Josie, campers
The Irma Freeman Center is priceless for the community. Love the camps!
— Kati, Mike, Amelia, Josh, co-parents
I love the IF!
— Jamie, camper