Happy Campers

Acro yoga helped me find something I was really good at and had to work hard to realize that. This week had been the most fun week of my life.
— Lily, camper
A great camp leads to great friends and even stronger friendships.
— Maderia, camper
Camp is awesome!
— camper
You can learn new things & make new friends & have fun.
— Bella, camper
I love the IF!
— Jamie, camper
The thing I liked about acro yoga is flying because I got a new view of things.
— Elizabeth, camper
I liked performing with my friends and it inspired me to Have more friends.
— Rocio, camper
I like making new friends I like how they care for me and the way they make me feel safe. I like the way my teacher helps me.
— Kaeli, camper
Ms. Samantha helped me, Sophia, and Rocio do dragon and she was the best teacher. Ms. Lisa helped me realize that I can be a great dancer.
— Hannah, camper
I love doing Acrobatics!
— Stella
Sheila & her team of amazing teachers offer kids a wonderful camp experience! My kids came her everyday from camp talking about all the activities they participated in. From acro yoga, games, art & making. The Irma Freeman Center is truly a gift to the community!
— Chelida Keller, parent - Tristan & Kali, campers
I love the IFC because I get to use my imagination and creativity to make cool things!
— Waverly C., camper
Thank you IFC: Sheila, Lisa, Samantha and all the volunteers! My daughters loved the camp and the instructors! Please continue to offer a variety of “special & unique” experiences and camp subjects for our community’s children.
The camp format & drop-off time, morning & afternoon sessions, and generous grants; have helped ease the burden of finding a safe/affordable option for young children while we work during the Summer break from school. This single father of three thanks you!
— Hunter L. Howell II, father of Hanna & Sophia, campers