The Art of Irma Freeman & Laura Rosner

The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination (IFCI) presents the works of Irma Freeman and Laura Rosner on exhibit December 7, 2018 – February 1, 2019.
Look for the exclusive interview by reporter Bill O’Driscoll to be aired on December 7, 2018 on Pittsburgh’s NPR station WESA 90.5, and made available online at Despite many difficulties and obstacles in her life, Irma left behind an inspiring body of work, consisting of over 800 paintings and sketches. The legacy of Irma Freeman is a Pittsburgh treasure waiting to be discovered. –Sheila Ali, curator 

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IRma Freeman

The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination is exhibiting original works by Irma Freeman (December 14, 1903 - June 10, 1994). Irma’s name became a part of our city’s landscape with the opening of the IFCI in 2009. This exhibition called “Impressions & Found Work” is an usual combination of artworks having only been recently discovered (in basements, studios, suitcases, cardboard boxes, in the mail, and, in one bizarre case, in a Pittsburgh resident’s garbage). The abandoned art (some of which lay dormant over the course of six decades) will be alongside Impressionistic works that have also never, or rarely, been seen before. This exhibition offers high resolution prints of Irma’s paintings for sale for the first time. (See social media for new prints of Irma Freeman as made available.)


Laura Rosner

“Neshama” is an exhibition by artist Laura Ronser. Her statement includes the following excerpts: “Conceptually, my work is rooted in my experiences of suffering and my search for identity. I utilize my creative practice to transform my struggles into positive energies that bloom with desire for spiritual awareness… an exploration of Hebrew words, phrases, and traditions” Laura has “been inspired by the notion of remembrance and healing within my family and within the greater Jewish community. I seek to bring harmony between internal and external facets of existence through self-reflection and interaction with both the natural and dream worlds.” Laura’s work encourages viewers to engage in “meditative, transformative states of being…(including) the bodies of the figures serve as vessels for light and energy in the process of transformation…Olam chesed yibaneh, my installation on view, directly responds to the mass shooting…at Tree of Life * Or L’Simcha Congregation on October 27th during Shabbat morning services…The title Olam chesed yibaneh, meaning “we will build this world with love,” is inspired by one of the songs thousands of us sang together at the Pittsburgh Loves All Our Neighbors/Safety Through the Solidarity march in Squirrel Hill the week after the shooting. …May the memory of all lives lost to senseless violence be a blessing. May we build this world with love.

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Irma’s Birthday Party Celebration

Sunday, December 16th, 1 - 4 pm at the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

Irma's 115th Birthday Celebration!

Join Sheila Ali, curator, as she tells the story of prolific artist, Irma Freeman, whose work is now on view at the center. Ali will be accompanied by local artist Laura Rosner, whose work is also on view. After touring the galleries, Light refreshments, including Vegan Birthday cake! Posters, cards, print reproductions for sale! Come celebrate Jewish traditions, including readings, songs and dancing led by Lynn Berman. All ages welcome! Suggested donation $5 - $20