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Our Mission

The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination (IFCI) is an arts and green energy community center with a mission to enrich and diversify the local community by building positive experiences in a multicultural, progressive setting.

We use art, including the work of Irma Freeman, to nurture the imagination. By instilling confidence through creativity and a knowledge of sustainable living, we strive to make the world a better place.

I.F. Irma Freeman

I.F. Irma Freeman

The IF” is a symbol of the vision of Irma Freeman. Irma Freeman was a prolific and inspiring visionary artist who lived most of her life in poverty yet filled her world with fantastical colorful imagery, leaving a legacy of hundreds of paintings. The symbol of “IF” represents the belief that if we try it is possible to a overcome any obstacle, and achieve greatness.

IFCI Contact:

Office Phone: 412-924-0634

Direct E-mail:
Sheila Ali, Director/Curator: sheiladali@irmafreeman.org

Jack Ball, General Manager: jackball@irmafreeman.org

Gallery Hours:
Stop next door at our partner shop, Bantha Tea Bar, for admission, or call for an appointment.

Tours, Field trips & Workshops available for every exhibition.