About IF

The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination (IFCI) represents the vision of Irma Freeman. Irma Freeman was a prolific and inspiring visionary artist who lived most of her life in poverty yet filled her world with fantastical colorful imagery, leaving a legacy of hundreds of paintings.



Office Phone: 412-924-0634

Direct E-mail:
Sheila Ali, Director/Curator: sheiladali@irmafreeman.org

Jack Ball, General Manager: jackball@irmafreeman.org

Gallery Hours:
TBA or by appointment.


Since its inception the IFCI has been a noted contributor to the educational and cultural network of Pittsburgh, including hosting dozens of unique events and exhibitions, as well as collaborating with schools and other organizations, locally and nationally. Our audience and patrons are a vast assortment of ages, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

In the past ten years the IFCI has spearheaded an abundance of diverse educational projects, based on several related goals, such as integrating do-it-yourself technology, arts and academic educational programing, STEAM,* and sustainable development. As our building bears the name of Irma Freeman, so do we seek to procure her visionary outlook. Working with the community, our patrons, and parents, we continue to inspire artists and children toward self-discovery, putting the tools they need into their hands, endowing the power of confidence, imagination, and the freedom to succeed through the arts.

*Full STEAM Ahead! is our newly researched approach to implementing arts and academic education. STEAM is a critical and cutting edge curriculum that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math!